Construction Blocks Pocket Diaper


Fits 8-35lbs
PUL outer layer
75% polyester 25% polyurethane
Athletic Jersey Mesh inner layer 
100% wicking polyester
High-performance fabric with superior wicking for a cool, dry and fresh feel
Extremely breathable, soft, stretchy & durable
Adjustable KAM snaps to grow with your little person
Cotton Braided Elastic around the legs and back for a perfect fit
Sewn in Canada
Manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes
All Reusable Love products are made by 1 person. There may be slight cosmetic flaws, we are human, but I can assure you this will not affect the absorbency, the overall quality, or how these products work.

Washing Instructions

Wash with oxygenated bleach with no chlorine. The detergent should not already contain sodium percarbonate (the active ingredient in many oxygenated bleaches), or else you will risk overdoing it on your diapers! Wash temperatures can be HOT, that is, between 145 and 165°F (65 to 75°C). It is best to add hot water to the laundry tub then add powder until dissolved- then add your dirty diapers.

Rinsing Instructions

It is highly recommended to give an extra rinse cycle as any minute traces of the detergent or any other washing chemicals which are left in the diaper are highly detrimental to the film and reduces the life of the laminate.

Drying Instructions

Dry on medium heat, at a temperature not more than 130°F (50°C). Use of fabric softeners is not recommended. Please DO NOT wring or iron on the film side. Any urethane film is affected by bleach, chlorine and dry heat exceeding 130°F. To have a longer life of your product, please take note of this.